Create a Custom Template
in PowerPoint 2003

Microsoft PowerPoint 2003 allows us to create a custom template design. This tutorial describes the steps to take in creating a template that incorporates the DSU logo.
  1. On the Standard toolbar, click the New button Button image
  2. From the View menu, select "Master" > "Slide Master" option.

  3. You can customize fonts and styles for title and content text. You can also customize the footer options.

  4. To customize background colors, select "Background" from the Format menu

  5. To insert a picture, or WordArt or clip art, select the corresponding buttons on the Drawing toolbar.

    If the Drawing toolbar is not visible, go to the View menu and expand Toolbars to check it.

  6. We'll insert the DSU logo into the template. If you don't have the DSU logo image on your desktop, download it from here.

  7. Select the Insert Picture button from Drawing toolbar, find the DSU logo image on your desktop, and insert. After the image is inserted, you can use the mouse to adjust the location of size of the image.

  8. Here's a screenshot of the template with the DSU logo added, background changed to dark blue, title font changed to yellow, text font changed to white, and a shape added behind the title.

  9. When you're done with your template design, select "Save As" from the File menu in PowerPoint, and select "Design Template" (*.pot) as the type to save.

  10. When you save a design template, PowerPoint will automatically switches to its default Templates folder. If it does not, you can find the folder by following the path indicated in the image below.

  11. You can download the template file here and save it in the Templates folder on your computer.  When you start a new PowerPoint file, you can find it from the Design options. You can also further customize the template after you place it in the templates folder.


These instructions work for DSU employees and students and are for us to use. If used outside of DSU environment we assume no responsibility. Keeping these links up to date can be a lot of work and we need help- please tell us of any broken or outdated links and suggest tools for us to include.

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